Welcome to the High School Media Collective! The following video was a live-stream to LFHS (Lake Forest High School) in Lake Forest Illinois. It is one of over a dozen interviews that were produced by the HSMC for the students in Steve Douglass’ Chicago Summer Experience Workshop.

Zach Arnold’s editing career was on overdrive. His work on shows such as Cobra Kai, Glee, and Burn Notice was garnering him major awards, including an Emmy. But he was working around the clock, had limited time with family, and the many hours sitting in a dark room on the computer had wreaked havoc with his health and his body.

One day, sitting on his couch watching TV with a big bowl of popcorn, his son commented on how “cool” the American Ninja Warriors were. Then and there, he made a vow to get on that show. Impossible? For some, maybe, but not for Zach,. He has an invaluable quality, consistency. Listen in as OWC RADiO host, Cirina Catania, talks with him during a live stream to a theater in Lake Forest, Illinois, about his journey to ultimate fitness, his editing career and his wish for all of us. Let’s get fit. Let’s find more happiness. Let’s have more time with family. And remember what Cirina always tells us, “Get up off your chair and go do something wonderful today!” After you listen to the show. 🙂